Periodic Workshops


Do you need to polish your skills?  Do you want to develop a more critical eye when putting together and executing a shoot?  HSS presents great workshops that help you with the technical and the creative – and we hope are also fun!  We present talented models and makeup artists as part of our high-quality team.  We show you the secrets behind the magic, and how you can create it yourself.  Watch our web site or our Facebook page for announcements!


Traveling Models


Houston is often on the itinerary of great models that are traveling.  We are often asked if HSS is having an event that features one of these models.  If enough photographers express an interest in having a workshop or shoot event featuring one of these models – we’ll negotiate with the model to have the event.  If you see a model traveling to Houston and would like to photograph her at HSS with our backgrounds, equipment and expertise – drop us a note.  We will also be talking to models where we have a relationship and may be announcing opportunities when they are in town.  Again, watch our web site and our Facebook page – and drop us a note when you see someone traveling through that we shouldn’t miss!


Group Events


One of our beliefs is that photography should not be a solo pursuit.  We love to have groups of photographers in the studio.  If you have a group that would like to have a program or workshop, we would be pleased to put together something for you.  Perhaps it’s a group from your day job that wants to share a great photographic experience.  Maybe it’s a group of photographers that would like to split expenses.  We can do everything from provide a space to adding a model/makeup team to having a workshop on any topic you desire.  You can arrange full and half days.  Since each event is custom for you and your group – we quote a price by the event.  Write us for details or to ask for a quote.


Personal Instruction


Some folks just aren’t  “workshop people.”  They need to work one-on-one to really grasp the fundamentals of a topic.  We also have requests for topics from two or three different workshops to be put together.  If you want that kind of one-on-one, hands on instruction we can provide it.  Three members of the HSS team are available for personal instruction.  You can request a topic or series of topics and we’ll match you up with the right expertise for the shoot.  We can arrange makeup artists, models, stylists, and other team members as well.  The studio has lots of shooting opportunities or we can take you to many of our favorite locations around the Houston area – most within 5 minutes of the studio.  Give us a topic and we’ll put together a learning experience for you.  Each request is a custom class and therefore quoted individually.  Write us for suggested topics we have done as private instruction or send us your list of areas you’d like to pursue.





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